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Anthropology Sites and Blogs

See here first. Jason Antrosio has compiled an annotated list of about 100 anthropology-related blogs.

And here. Christopher Lynn has put together a list of biological anthropology blogs for The Evolutionary Studies Consortium.

Alyson G. Young, Ph.D.

Anthroprobably (Matthew Tuttle)

Barbara J. King (Barbara King)  

Bio Anthro Developing Investigators Troop (BANDIT)   (Julienne Rutherford) 

Colleen Nyberg

Context and Variation (Kate Clancy) 

Fongoli Chimps (Jill Preutz)

John Hawks.net  (John Hawks)

Living Anthropologically  (Jason Antrosio)

Mammals Suck (Katie Hinde)

Monkey’s Uncle (Jamie Jones)

Neuroanthropology  (Daniel Lende and Greg Downey)

Powered by Osteons (Kristina Killgrove)

Prancing Papio  (Raymond Ho)

Primate Diaries (Eric M. Johnson)

War and Health

Children and War 

Conflict and Health (journal)

Conflict Health (Chris Albon)

Forced Migration Online

Legacies of War (Channapha Khamvongsa)


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